End of Paradise Tour!

16 June 2013 marks the end of Paradise Tour in Helsinki, Finland!

Time do pass really quickly, since the time I posted about Lana’s very first show on Tour in France! It’s been 2 months; even though most tours last for about a year or at least half a year, it’s afterall the first tour she has had!

It’s amazing how far this artist have come, since the beginning of 2012 when I found her music. Critics went really harsh on her. I don’t mean other singers don’t get critics, they get them as well – but having to be critiqued badly on whatever you do, how you present yourself to public (even the little jitters you get on stage), your music and voice, by the journalists of one own’s country doesn’t seem like something you can just forget about it and get over it so easily. It’s mentioned again and again in some interviews, and you could easily sense how hurtful those comments were.

38 shows* around~Europe~!


*2 of them were cancelled.

Gonna post the links rest of the live performance of the other songs she performed on Tour! (not all are from one show; based on the most HQ one found on YouTube) Just the links or it’ll make the entire page lag!

1. Cola

2. I Love Paris (original by: Frank Sinatra)

3. American

4. Dark Paradise

5. Gods & Monsters

6. Young & Beautiful (love this the best!)

7. Without You

8. Body Electric (Absolutely lovin’ this “rock” version!)

9. Burning Desire (the live version >>> studio version ALOT)


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