Daily Prompt: Tourist Trap

Eventually I ran out of things to write about and went to google about it, then realized WordPress actually provides a platform of topics to blog about. And the daily prompt post which interests me is my dream tourist destination.

I’ve wanted to visit one place; and that’s New Zealand. As weird as it can get, the reason why it’s because I’ve always been stuck by amusement and curiosity about the packaging of the milk I used to consume. For sure, it comes from New Zealand and the old packaging of Fernleaf looks like this:

Just look at that scenery; the blue skies, the greenbelt and beneath it lies one snow-capped mountain. And New Zealand I’d call it the most beautiful place on earth even though I haven’t visit the place yet, it’s so unreal and cartoony.  I’ve dreamt of how NZ would look like. It’s naive for me to say it’s beautiful then but I don’t think I’ll change my opinion on that yet. It’s indescribable, like I can expect to go there and then it turns out exactly just like that.

The weather is perfect – summer is usually around mid-20 degrees in most places, could go up to 30 – 35 degrees at the highest though (in Singapore, you could well expect the weather to be between 33 – 35 degrees every single day in this time of the year) ; winter is generally between 10 and 15 degrees in the North and colder in the South part of the country. Natural disasters aren’t common, but it does happen, like typhoons. I’ve been told there’re more sheeps & cows than humans staying there – and NZ could be a place so ideal for serenity and the peace anyone is seeking for.

Then the second place I would love to visit (but maybe not alone) is Alaska. It’s the least populated state among all the other 50 states in the United States and said to be a dangerous place with all the grizzly bears and the other wild animals some of us probably won’t get to see in our entire life. Besides of the beautiful nature sightings like the colors of the wind and the aurora borealis, being in a sort of place like Alaska makes you feel like it’s earth reborn, since there’re so little people and you’ll probably feel like you’re travelling space / universe during night time when you look up the sky. It’s definitely a nice place to stay in for a really long time, if it’s with someone you know really well or a loved one.

The other destinations I haven’t really thought about in detailed, but some of them would be France, Coney Island, Nevada (especially the desert road – driving down the bends of the road! … then from there to Las Vegas!), Texas (?), Lake Placid, Monaco, Japan’s cat cafes, South Africa and more!

When I ask people about their dream destinations, at least 9 out of 10 of them would respond ‘New York City’. Seeing NYC as the filming ground for almost all the movies I watched, especially movies which involves Christmas and New Year’s Eve, it’s definitely expected for most of us to want to be at that place.  than Alaska itself. NYC is cool and nobody ever said it’s boring (at least to many of us who haven’t been to NYC), but it’s so happening and there’re so many people which threatens me all the time.

I mean, I’ve always felt that in a hustle and bustle city, people tend to appear more aloof and cold towards one another. While we still do greet one another if we meet along side the streets, but it’s less usual for us to talk alittle much more about ourselves to others because… I guess we value our privacy more and I get the sort of feeling when I feel that revealing too much information to others is a risk as they may use that against you anytime in the near future. And is it correct to say that people staying in less bustling cities and small towns are otherwise? I don’t know, I thought I’d learn this in the movies because they always portray the people in NYC and of course, Tokyo, this way.

But New York is a big place, even it’s just the City itself – big. And it’d be nice to go there for awhile.  The Central Park! I’ve seen it in paintings and art pieces, and in movies like Enchanted especially! – where Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey skipped around the place singing ‘That’s How She Know‘. And that place during Winter is gorgeous! The bridge in Central Park reminds me of 101 Dalmatians where those puppies hid under it, while escaping from the punk-hair witch. And the American Museum of Natural History – depicted in the Night In The Museum movie, where monuments and statues in the legendary museum come to life.

But there’re still dream destinations afterall, yet and I haven’t traveled for about 9 years now but travelling will definitely be in the list of things I gotta do in the future! Besides that, there’re also alot more things I could do along the way, instead of just having fun and no work.


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