My social circle.

It comprises of a small group of about 4 people, and I could say they’re the best people I’ve hung out with for over about 3 years now. Well, even though we spend most of our time (or just all our time) in campus. We’ve all got perceptions on what it takes for you to call someone your best friend, and for me, that’s just it.

For the few of us, we don’t usually express to one another our inner thoughts, just maybe merely our thoughts about people, things and events. Sometimes a friend or so do and I’m OK with sharing mine. They’re people who are carefree and happy with what they currently have, and it just seems like the only times when we get worried and stressed out are the days approaching our exams/tests, project submission and presentation dates. And we do laugh a lot, even the littlest things could get us tickled. Maybe it’s that all of us just choose to live for that moment, instead of channeling in too much into our personal lives. Apart from that, they’re generally people who are accepting and chill.

Because of who I am, I don’t usually socialize well with most of the people out there. I mean, if I were to meet myself (as I’ve used this example over & over again), I would find it hard to befriend someone like me because I tend to avoid any form of interactions, i.e. eye contact, body movements, weird facial expressions, etc, even though I have no intention of wanting to be unfriendly or rude to you. And one time, I was told by one of my school mates that both of us knew we won’t click well the first time we meet, but time made it possible, just for that period of time when we were working together. Not all of us feel comfortable with everyone/anyone else, and don’t you appreciate the ‘comfort zone’ you’re in because of the presence of these people around you? The feeling of being real with them. As we know, it’s always been said that ‘we-get-crazy-with-our-friends’, and that pretty much explains it.

The thought of graduation excites and scares me at the same time. I’ve been one who dislike changes but accepts it eventually because 1. you get tired of whining, 2. you stop feeling scared after slowly adapting to your everyday’s routine. And leaving everything you’ve adapted to for over the past 3 years and then meeting new people, for sure. Also, the ambiguity of further education/work after graduation, then later, the burden of schoolwork and so forth. As much as I don’t want it to be a ‘come-and-go’ one, and yet, our priorities sometimes come in the way of social gatherings and meet-ups, do hope someday there’ll be an “Oh, you remember that time when… ?” among the few of us in the near future of about 30 years!

12:07AM, xx


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