It’s been 2-3 weeks ever since I moved. I didn’t quite have the mood to blog right away on that weekend when I moved. The moving went well, just the carrying of boxes and bags around the place made my body ache for quite awhile.The place I moved into is a lot smaller than the entire house I was staying in previously. It’s just for the temporary because we’re looking for another place afterwards.

Well, the thing I dread the most has happened, and it sure doesn’t mean I’d fear nothing now because I still dread moving again, just not to that extent already. It’s still quite sad and it did scare me a little and made me tear on the first night spent at this place because the house is a lot empty than it should be. But I’m honestly OK now and I could go to sleep easily these days and wake up fine at normal timings on the following day, still, with exception, school days.

And I kinda lost the spur of ideas to blog about. Previously, it was about my internship, that I wanted to be a vegetarian but-… I just need to commit to it, again. , LDR, lots of self-realizations during that time, sadness, anger and mostly the outburst of negative emotions. Come to think about it, there’s always something I’ve wanted to do; a travel journal. (Selfie-)photography is not my forte but I could always take photographs of places, objects and other people, just for the purpose of just slipping them between the posts/entries in the journal. It’s a blend of the things I like. I have not traveled to as many places as an average 19-year-old would have traveled, but I guess it’d pretty much be an amazing experience to go sight-seeing and write something out of it. Could be the outlying areas of a city or a small town, with people, for sure, but not a ghost town which seems to appear like an apocalypse aftermath.

07:32PM, xx


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