Moving house.


So it’s my last Saturday spent in the house I’ve been living for the past 17/18 years of my life. It’s always been a mess but a exaggerated version of it is shown because of the packing.

So far, I’ve no recollection of any memory living in another place when I was born. Moving to another place is kinda sad and sort of a relief as well. The days and years spent in this house were the best yet; the most comfortable place I’d just lay in bed till afternoon during the holidays undisturbed, where I used to spend most of my time at home sitting on the coach, sipping up tea/coffee and watching teevee, and I’m… just so used to things being where they are.

My home, is probably not the best place yet to most other people, but you realize when you spend time with something, even a house, I guess, for a period of time, especially a loooong period, it eventually becomes the best. Though I do complain about the build-in bathroom shelf falling apart so easily and the water pipes bursting now & then, it’s a really cosy house, um and I’m really satisfied for the corridors outside my door steps because they don’t look like the hollow corridors we see in scary movies (besides the fact that it’s the first house and sometimes, it does scare me when people walk by when I am about to exit my house).

Yeah, that’s for it now. I am moving next week and I don’t even know I’ll be staying at but will be updating my blog now & then.


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