Paradise Tour first show, x :)

3 April 2013 (4 April in SG) marks the first show of Lana’s Paradise Tour, held @ La Galaxie, Amnéville in France! Sharing some videos of her performances at tour, x


1. National Anthem (my favorite live performance at the tour! Most beautiful instrumentals & the cutest Lana twerk!)


2. Summertime Sadness


3. Video Games


4. Ride


3. Carmen (she speaks alittle Spanish in some verse!)


4. Million $ Man (despite the LQ, it’s still so hauntingly beautiful)


5. Blue Velvet (another favorite ’cause it’s my first time listening to the full live version of this drop dead gorgeous cover :’) )


6. Born To Die (Lovin’ the beginning at how it appears like she’s standing by open road in the dark)


7. Nirvana’s cover of ‘Heart-Shaped Box


Of course there were more! But those were the only full rather-qualifiable quality I’d consider to share it!

The full tour setlist:

Apart from that, the Great Gatsby movie trailer was also out on this day! Alittle teaser of Lana’s “Young & Beautiful” is also featured in the trailer @ 0:22 of the trailer!

I do wish I could upload the A Cappella snippet of the song in this blog post, but it can be found here, if by any chance, anyone wants to listen to it, x 

Good news come in ~double~. Fansites are also stating that there will be a upcoming single by the end of this month! Can’t wait for it already, I don’t know what I’ll be expecting in this music video and her role in it, but it’ll definitely be another novel surprise, just like Chelsea Hotel #2.


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