#1. Going meatless (almost?)

What I had for my meals today:

Breakfast: Butter cookies and English Breakfast Tea.

Lunch: Beancurd Udon (consists of seaweed, udon, miso soup, beancurd SKIN, Japanese fishcake – which I thought it was mock meat until I just wiki-ed it and it turns out to be cured fish meat.) and Chrysanthemum tea.

Dinner: A couple of butter cookies, again.

At least that’s one day of going meatless (forget about the cured fish meat now). There were so many times I almost fall into this pit of meat temptations – Texas Chicken, Mcdonalds, curry puffs and… luncheon meat bread. I don’t know how long I can cope with this, but so far, I don’t think it’ll be everyday and forever YET, but I’m trying!

I kept in mind those words I said yesterday when I was about to go “Ah never mind, it’s just one more day of eating meat and tomorrow I’ll really, really start.”, during lunch and dinnertime.


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