Possible to go vegan?

As ironic as it sounds, there’re so many reasons I should be going vegetarian, or even just start out by eating vegan food (dairy products and probably eggs are fine, just not purely meat) for a day’s meals. Long story, short – Honestly, the main reason isn’t about getting back in shape and eating healthy, all that. I need to stop contradicting myself with my values, although it’s hard to get over temptations like… chicken nuggets especially.

I’ve missed out so many things in reality (the shaded-sort of current affairs) and the littlest things I could have done to alleviate the situation but gave up halfway through. And sometimes, it hits me hard on the face and then leaves me in extreme guilt; heavyhearted, wondering “If I had persevere in doing what I did in the past, would I be feeling this way?”. Yet, the ignorant me took a mere short time to get over the guilt and shame before getting back to her soulless life, barely any personality and holding onto any kind of values.

Again, it’s not meant to put me down, I think it could be like a reflecting platform, as cheesy as it sounds like, don’t know what to call it. It keeps me thinking, which I don’t do it most of the time in a day. So… is it possible for a (-n almost) excessive meat eater and red-meat lover to cope with vegetarian food for… 1 day?

Is it possible for a (-n almost) excessive meat eater & red-meat lover?


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