New Read.

A week back, I planned to borrow some books; just with the intention of killing time during waiting intervals; hopping from train to train, any sort of pending intervals at work, etc.

I’ve not read for years;

(and when I say ‘read’, I’d mean really opening up a storybook and reading it till the end. No stress, no serious pondering & confusing myself with the dramatis personae of the novel. Just indulgence… but I find it difficult most times to find myself a good read because I always find trouble understanding the beginning phase of the plot and then end up forsaking the rest of the content in the book. You could say I judge a book by its first impression and then giving it all up ’cause I think it doesn’t fit my appeal, which could end up to be a opportunity read I’d have enjoyed.)

The last book that I’ve read could probably be my Secondary School literature text. It was a mystery novel, written by Mark Haddon. I read it when I was 12, I guess, because my tutor lent it to me and I never returned it since… It was such a significant read, that I went through the content in the book about 3-4 times over the years as I grew older! Apart from that, I guess I did read a few books with pretty awesome content, but I couldn’t remember their titles.

Last Saturday, which was yesterday, I just went through the fiction section, browsed through the titles of the books and then the synopsis at the back covers of every book. I guess most readers love to read books that you could easily relate to the main character of the plot, but for my life…? I guess I could try to look for it, but likely it doesn’t exist yet…? Or it’s not getting published?

Right, back to the point. So I borrowed 3 books and started on one already. 1/5 done, hopefully I’ll finish it. So far, it’s very interesting even though I encountered a number of really difficult words. Couldn’t checked up on all of them because there were too many foreign words. I could understand the narrator’s words, and I guess that’s a good start to get myself reading again.

New read: The Secret Adventures of Charlotte Bronte.



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