It’s only Monday and I can’t wait for this week to be over.

Then there’s the term break, where I’ll spend my days sleeping away… which is unlikely possible because of that pile of project work and revision to catch up with (if I can ever stay still by my desk and dutifully revise for just one chapter without moving about the house and finding something to eat, then probably take a nap and then wake up… eventually lost the enthusiasm to study and then start watching TV, and then bam, the day’s over.)

There’re a plenty of things I want to blog about, but there’re lots and lots of limitations. Like it may be called as a blog, but it’s not as simple as it sounds like a “platform which allows you to express your everyday thoughts and opinions about your life, or even about others”. Exceptions to the adventurers and people out there with plenty of interesting experiences to blog about; because there’s a difference in expressing what’s on your mind & what’s posted on your blog on impulsion AND blogging about what you do every day (routine) & posting photographs of yourself in different beautiful places you’ve been to around the world. And then, there’s anonymity…

Okay, I’m tired of typing already. OVER ‘N’ OUT!


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