Day 9: Favorite Candid Photo of Lana Del Rey

10 Days of Lana Del Rey Challenge:

Day 9: Favorite Candid Photo of Lana Del Rey

Hella yes! Finishing the 10-Day challenge after one more! I don’t know if these posts under the 10-Day challenge ever creeps people out, I hope not, of course, I feel creeped out by some of my tweets sometimes, especially past midnight, it gets so… emotional, ugh yeah, can’t help it.

She was charismatic, magnetic, she sings the body electric and everybody knows it, it’s a fact, kiss kiss. When she walked in, everyone’s head turned–everyone approached her, with the desire to tell her all the things they have always loved about her. She was like this hybrid, this mix of a singer and an artist who couldn’t contain herself. I always got the sense that: she became torn between what she truly deserves for her dedication towards art & everything beautiful and the society’s expectations of her. She is always this appreciative artist who’s adored, adored and adored. And in that way, I love her, xxxxx And I will always love her, till the end of the time.

My favorite candid photo of Lana Del Rey would be the one taken in Warsaw, Poland in September 2012. She just glows in this picture… basically in every candid taken in Poland, as long as you can google it!


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