Day 8: Favorite Live Performance of Lana Del Rey

10 Days of Lana Del Rey Challenge:

Day 8: Favorite Live Performance of Lana Del Rey

It’s not easy for a singer to project his/her voice in a live performance as well as the studio-recorded (and for some songs, the edited) version. Especially when one’s singing more than 2 songs in one performance! And in front of an actual  live audience… However, the one thing that a studio-recorded song lacks of, is the feelings and emotions which is expressed by the singer in the live performance, only through singing it live.

To the point! My favorite live performance of Lana Del Rey would be her performance at the iTunes Festival 2012. I have this in my PC and I could watch this over and over again and never get tired of it, it’s the best! And absolutely perfect since it’s in HD Quality.

There are a number of songs which sound the bestest when they’re sung live by Lana herself, as compared to the studio-recorded versions, such as Blue Jeans, Body Electric, Million Dollar Man and Radio! I really hope to listen to her sing live someday! Come back soon, Lana! Next summer alright…

Then again… there are so many live performances of her which I adore, so much. The 2 of them which was so significant to me were her performance in Jazz Cafe, London and her performance during the BBC Radio 1’s ‘Hackney Weekend’ 2012!

‘Radio’ at Jazz Cafe, London

‘Million Dollar Man’, at BBC Radio 1’s ‘Hackney Weekend’


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