All the random things.

Again, it’s been a long time ever since I blogged. A lot things have happened, or maybe it’s just how I feel. I saw Lana Del Rey on the 24th October 2012. We didn’t really met, but I gave her my letter swiftly and took a really quick, blurry picture with her. The people I went with; met her, talked to her and kissed her. Um, I felt a little regretful… and… grateful! It was definitely more than what I expected about 2-3 weeks ago when I found out that she was coming to Singapore and I’m glad.


It’s 5th week of school and I’m having the first round of ICAs starting next week. I don’t know whether I can cope with it but I’m werking, hard but maybe not so smart. I’ve been blindly flipping my notes almost every single day and then the revised content disappears in my mind, the moment I closed my book. Ugh I don’t know…



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