I don’t even know what to say about it, I think it’s quite OK, yet. There’re really nice people in the class and so much humor, probably. Nasty and harmless humor, targeting at different individuals. Honestly, it’s scary but we need to get over it.

It’s not about expecting others to be like friendly and nice to you, but enduring and probably try to speak up alittle. You know when you’re so afraid of what people says about you, the judgement that is imposed on you and then your heart is in your mouth and you just can’t wait to get out of the damn class? You shouldn’t be feeling that way… I know, but it just comes so natural. You try to act ignorant, calm and composed buttt is it time to speak up…? Yes it is, I don’t know.

People can treat you the way they want to, they can speak whatever about you, and you can’t expect much from them because it’s not up to you to set expectations on them. Yeah, it’s OK to be awkward. Ok bye.


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