blogging @ work.

School’s starting the week after next. It feels like just… yesterday when I blogged about the end of my attachment and the start of my holidays.

I think the term break has been well-spent, compared to the other long holidays I’ve had, which I’ll spend most of my time at home, watching TV, surfing the internet, sleeping at 4AM in the morning and waking up at 4PM late afternoon, then I’d gain some weight because I’ll eat when I’m bored (even @ work now; I get bored when I’m busy, and eventually my stomach starts growling even though I’m only doing miscellenous, non-streneous paperwork.) I am drained but honestly, it’s so much better than having nothing to do and then feeling worthless for this period of time. This always happens to me during my holidays, weekly/ term-breaks. With the exception of going abroad, then it’s a whole different thing. My holiday is spent resting, resting and more resting.

About my 1 1/2 month work, I don’t know whether it’s productive or not. It gets less productive as time goes, of course… And work consisted of mainly, filing stacks of documents into big files and getting papercuts, scanning, photocopying documents, data-entry and some miscelleneous work assigned. The fatigue only sets in when you’re doing almost the same thing every day, with barely any interaction with people. Well… it’s nice because there’s no need to put up with everyone’s temperament. Working with the computer, excel document and the programming softwares is so much better than coping with arrogant customers and the mean manager’s temper.

And… at least I’ve learnt how to use the computer better and the… photocopying machine. End.


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