Recent LDR photoshoot

So yesterday, I watched ‘Lolita’, the 1997 movie, again. It was so good that the plot is unforgettable. Actually, what prompted me to watch the movie again is because of Lana Del Rey’s recent vogue photo shoot. She’s described as “Lolita lost in the hood”.




Such a flawless photoshoot.

And, then, there is the GQ Magazine photoshoot.








“Paul, the creative director, was very hands-on with the shoot… In fact, if you see in the magazine – in the middle of the spread – you’ll see a hand hoisting up one of my boobs… That’s Paul’s hand. Couldn’t have done it without him.” -Lana Del Rey

Oh Lana, so beautiful temptress!

And Lana changed her hair color, when she made an appearance at the GQ awards last week. Snow White?



o lord, she’s so adorable!


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