First day of work & an embarrassing moment

It’s the first weekend of my term break.

Yesterday was my first day of work, at Tyco. I was really happy when I got past the interview on last Thursday, even though she didn’t really ask me about my achievements, what I studied, etc. The lady who interviewed me was really nice, like a friend… and a mentor at the same time. She didn’t appear to be domineering, fierce and it was really, really, really  nice when she said she hope that I will be able to learn something out of this. But I’m still afraid, because I haven’t done this before.

Then on the first day, which was yesterday, I worked, for 9 hours, with her and the other colleagues, who appears to be really friendly as well. Then all the paperwork procedures remind me of my TEP days, at ‘Cheers’, going through the awful morning finance work for the entire shift and filing the documents. I don’t mean the work I’m currently doing is awful, well, at least I feel alittle experienced in filing… yeah… just filing… Then there were some printing and scanning to do, and some excel work to do. But at the pace it’s coming from, it’s stressful, especially with the documents that are very much foreign to me; the different types of invoices are driving me cray. 

But I think overall, it’s great; I feel grateful towards my ‘mentor’ for explaining my duties to me and why I’m supposed to do it. And it’s nice to have friendly people, in the office… Maybe just on the first day, I don’t know but I hope it’ll last for sometime.

Talking about embarrassing and awkward moments… have you ever experienced a situation where you’re venting out your frustrations in your mind, and you ended up blurting some of them out and supposedly, some people happens to hear it? I did. It happened when I was frantically running towards an elevator (even though there was no reason for me to do because I wasn’t in a rush and I don’t know why I did that either, out of subconsciousness) and looking for the elevator button. My mind was like “Damnnn, can’t you hold the lift for me!” and why.did.I actually blurted it out. There were several people in the lift, who probably heard me saying that, and there was a lo0o0ong  awkward silence and embarrassing tension in the elevator because it wasn’t just Level 1, 2 or 3, higher up.

I just felt like blogging about it.


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