Rants about finding a holiday job

So hi. I’ve been hastily looking for jobs- I always say that but I’ve never been able to settle down with a single job over the holidays. I guess this time… I didn’t want to spend my holidays wastefully, doing nothing at home.

Actually wanted to try my luck out in Gong Cha but I guess luck wasn’t on my side this afternoon. Then I went back home to job-seek on Gumtree. And then I went for an interview at Ubi to work in a banquet. And I met 2 of my classmates over there, too much of a coincidence. Then I was like “Thank G-d, at least it isn’t so bad.”

So like anyone else, I thought it was rather appealing because it’s a daily-paid job. But the hassle turns out to be, you’ve to go back to get your pay, anytime. You won’t get paid on the spot, you travel stations to get paid. Ugh. And you’ve to pay before you work, like some sort of a work safety insurance. Nobody has paid yet, so… someday later maybe. Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll be able to commit to this, maybe a week or two? Really, I’m not person who enjoys to jump ship, I don’t mean I’m indispensable though, it’s just that I don’t have ample time to think about the choices in an interview. I’m really slow, non-reactive to any sort of situations. I’ve to learn that, at least. I hope I’ll become more wiser in that after this term break.

I hope it turns out to be good though. Good, as in, I hope it does make me feel fulfilling as a person, useful, even tho it’s just serving dishes and drinks. I think the self-fulfillment comes in the “payday” part. I just want to get “Purr” and KP3D DVD soon.

Yeah, so that’s it. I hope my first day turns out good.


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